“The earlier we develop emotional intelligence and awareness in our children, the less mental health issues they will experience in later life. I highly recommend ‘Sparky and Shady for Kids’ to all parents looking for strategies to build resilience in their children.” Dr Nicola Holmes – Working with adolescents with mental health issues, Headspace

Our kids are the future

Our kids are here to make a difference on earth that is good for them, good for others and good for the earth in the long term (or at least not bad for any of these)! No one can replace your child nor can they fulfil your child’s unique purpose.

The problem

The problem is no one teaches kids how they work! Our kids have no idea how their body, personality, thoughts and feelings all work together. How can they possibly reach their potential if they don’t understand themselves?

All sorts of problems stem from this, including: low self esteem, anxiety, bullying, emotional outbursts, behaviour problems, a lack of respect, friendship dramas, fights with siblings and stressed out families!

Current statistics state:

The solution

‘Sparky and Shady’ is a self-awareness and self-empowerment program for kids, parents and families. It teaches kids who they are, why they are here and how their body, personality, thoughts and feelings all work together so they can cope with problems, believe in themselves and follow their dreams. That’s ultimately how they will make their difference!

You can take part in a workshop or after school class with your child or teachers can book their own workshop or during school class for schools.

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