A little shady girl

I have a beautiful 7-year-old girl in my class who avoids joining in any game that involves running. Instead she takes ages to put on her shoes, tells me she can’t find her hat, or just goes and hides in the toilets!

I sat with her at lunch on Friday, just the two of us. I asked her why she didn’t like running games. She answered, “I have got really short legs and I’m the slowest in the class. Everyone knows it so they always chase me because I’m the easiest to catch.”

“Wow, fair enough!” I thought.

But instead of saying that I asked her “Is that Sparky or Shady telling you that?” (I’ve taught the class my Sparky and Shady program for under 10’s.)

“It’s me telling me that Kathy!” She boldly replied!

“Yes I know it’s you! But do those thoughts originally come from your ‘good’ side, Sparky or from your ‘bad’ side, Shady?”

She paused and looked me in the eyes and said, “Well, you know very well they come from Shady!”

“What does Sparky say about running games?” I asked her.

“I don’t care” she answered.

I giggled and so did she. Then I said, “Maybe Sparky will tell you later, I’ll ask you another day!”

“Okay” she said.

That afternoon I was on bus duty and she happened to be the last kid waiting for the last bus. So I asked her, “What did Sparky say?” She replied, “Sparky told me to join in and have fun!”

“Wow really?” I asked.

“You knew that all along Kathy, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked me!”

We giggled! Too gorgeous!!


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