Be yourself and follow your dreams kiddo!


If I was driving this car on my journey through life, I’d be in the driver’s seat, Sparky would be in the front passenger seat and Shady would be in the back.

Sparky would tell me to drive places where I could make a difference and help others.

Shady would tell me to go places where I could get stuff, experience stuff and show off so people would know how cool and successful I am!

I need Shady and Sparky to make me whole, so obviously I’m going to do a bit of both in my life and enjoy myself – guilt free!

Unless of course my Shady does an immediate back flip and tells me, ‘You can’t be selfish and have expensive stuff and waste the Earth’s resources by using fuel to explore it and you should NEVER show off to get attention!’

Tough one isn’t it?

Sparky what’s the answer?

‘Kathy what would you say to a kid who told you their dreams were to: buy a sports car, travel the world and be on the stage performing for others?’

I’d say, ‘Go for it! You can do that! The purpose of life is to be yourself and follow your dreams!’

So let’s review what Sparky tells us from the passenger seat … ‘Be yourself and follow your dreams kiddo! That’s how you make a difference and help others!’

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