How to help a ‘helpless’ child

                    A friend teaches in a preschool and recently spoke to me about the increasing number of kids who are ‘helpless’. (I’m putting helpless in inverted commas because I don’t want to label a child ‘helpless’.) A rough definition would be a child who lacks resilience. […]

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How to reduce anxiety in kids

Did you focus on the sun or the cloud? If you are a local you may know the lovely Dr Nicola Holmes a GP working with youth aged 12 – 25 at Headspace. Nicola is on a mission to PREVENT anxiety in this age group by educating parents with younger children. Smart hey? I have […]

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How to (not) rouse on your kids

rouse |raʊz| verb [ with obj. ] 2 make angry or excited: the crowds were roused to fever pitch by the drama of the race. give rise to (an emotion or feeling): his evasiveness roused my curiosity. Yesterday I let our dog Ranger off the lead in the dog park for a sniff. He has […]

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How to build kids self-worth

                    Self-worth is not the same as self-esteem. When kids have high self-worth they believe, “I am worthwhile no matter what.” When kids have high self-esteem they believe, “I am worthwhile because… I am a good reader or I am good at helping or I am […]

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How to be successful

                      Do you want your child or children to be successful? What does that even mean? I did an audio workshop recently and found out exactly what success means to me. Before you read on, have a think about what that word means to you… […]

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