How to rewire your brain

At last months ‘More for parents’ night I shared a revelation I had from Sparky earlier that day… “Listen to me more.” We did an activity where we wrote down all the things that were ‘right’ in our lives, in other words what we were grateful for and what was working. The lovely Bren mentioned […]

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How to help your kids be Sparky

Sparky qualities are the ‘good’ qualities, the one’s that make us happy, make us fun to be around while making us feel fulfilled and content. Some kids are naturally happy and fun loving which seems normal and right for a kid. Other kids are sad or angry or sacred and a bit too serious about […]

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How to feel

I took Jack to the regional little athletics carnival in Lismore the Saturday and Sunday before school went back. We stayed with a friend near Byron on the Saturday night and planned to get back to Lismore around 9am for Jack’s first event for the day, the 80m hurdles. As we were packing the car […]

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