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Confession from a Shady parent…

I had a meeting with Jack’s teacher who actually laughed at me when I told her I was ‘strict’ with Jack. “Really? What makes you think I’m not strict?” I asked. “You let him run a muck around here after school.”  Mmmmm that triggered me severely, being a ‘parenting expert and all!’

Then just a couple of nights later Jack totally pushed my buttons, his dad was out, it was late, I was cleaning up the kitchen, he was supposed to be having a shower, after asking him politely and lovingly to actually wash himself and get out of the shower three times, I lost it.

“Get out of the ‘f*$ing shower’!” and then some more ranting and raving that I’m sure you can imagine. Yep I’m a total swearer, apparently it is INCREDIBLY inappropriate but every now and then you just have to let it fly.

An hour later when all had calmed down and I had apologised profusely for being ‘shady’ we had a heart to heart about me ‘being strict’. Jack said “You’re not strict mum”, “Okay” I said, “Well let’s do something about that… (I got some paper and coloured pencils) Now mate here are all the things I’d like you’d to do… (Follow instructions the first time, eat dinner, clean up after yourself, clean your room, be helpful, kind and speak politely), and here’s what will happen from now on when you help around here. AND here’s what will happen when you choose to ignore me like you did in the shower (No story, can’t eat anything else, reduced pocket money and no Friday night movie!)

Get this – Jack goes…”Good! Goodnight mum, I love you!”

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