I’m working with a class of 8 year olds, full-time for 6 months. A few of the children have challenging behaviours which include: not following instructions the first time, walking around the classroom, not completing their work, calling out and showing off.

None of the kids are “bad” kids (in fact they are all gorgeous) it’s just that they have bad habits! I’m working hard with their parents help to change their habits – but holy cow – I have to be so consistent, so persistent and so LOVING!

Anytime I catch myself losing my patience, acting fed up, or lecturing them, I STOP myself (well that’s the theory)! Because I know it does not help to manage kids from my Shady’s point of view.

I have clear expectations, clear rules and clear consequences (all written on a chart) and on the most part I stick to them! Of course there are times where I am worn out and let something slide but then I PAY for it. Those gorgeous kids start acting out even MORE!

All I’m trying to say is BOUNDARIES are exactly that, a line that kids know they are not supposed to cross. If we reinforce the line consistently and ALWAYS give the kids the said consequence in a LOVING way they HAVE to get it!

Don’t they?

I’ll let you know in a couple more weeks!

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