Can Shady hurt you?

Shady snake

Jack (my 10 yr old son) and I listened to the Shady meditation on my website yesterday and he goes, “Mum you have to change that, it’s too slow, you don’t sound confident AND it’s not true that Shady won’t hurt you!”

“Shady can’t hurt you mate” I replied.

“What about people who kill themselves? Don’t they do that because they believe their Shady? Killing yourself is hurting yourself mum!”

“Yeah but Shady doesn’t kill anyone, it’s the person themselves who does it because they believe Shady.”

“So? You still have to change that mum, because Shady also hurts your feelings, he tells you how hopeless and stupid you are!”

“Okay, maybe … what I meant was, Shady can’t hurt you physically and won’t intentionally hurt your feelings. If he does hurt your feelings it’s because he is trying to protect you from something that he thinks will hurt you more – like being embarrassed, getting hurt or failing.”

“You have to change it mum it’s too confusing.”

“Okay Jack, let me sleep on it, thanks mate!”

I woke up this morning thinking – “Yeah, I need to change that, because Jack is right, Shady can hurt us BUT that’s not his intention, his intention is to protect us and prove our worth – he just does it in shady ways that CAN hurt our feelings and if we act on his fear, he can also be the catalyst for us hurting ourselves (and others) physically!

Thanks Jack – gotta love the clarity of kids!!

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