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How to know if it works

While I was standing in front of a room full of primary school Principals last Friday presenting ‘Sparky and Shady for Schools’ I suddenly realised why Sparky and Shady works. It is a holistic program based on 25 years of holistic research. Humans are physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. For the last 25 […]

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What if

What if what we believed really came true for us? Would we take better care of our beliefs? What if the beliefs we formed from 0-7 determined our lives from 7 onwards? Would we take better care of our children’s beliefs? If you look at ancient knowledge and modern day science (namely quantum physics and […]

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How to make a difference

Last week I taught the “Why you are here” lesson at school and after school classes. It’s a pretty deep concept for kids, but it is also a very important one. “What is your purpose on Earth? “Why are you here?” Here are some of the kids’ answers: God made us to be awesome Look […]

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How to feel Sparky

  I started the first lesson of Sparky and Shady at Sandy Beach Primary School today with Yrs 5 and 6 – it was awesome, I am so doing my thing! Anyway, I told the kids about how I first discovered Sparky and since it is a blog post day, I figured I would tell […]

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How to notice the difference

Every single child is here on earth to make a loving difference! They do this every single day of their lives. Just let that sink in… Your beautiful child makes a MASSIVE difference to you, other people and nature or the earth every single day of their life. They do this when they smile, listen, […]

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