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How to summarise Sparky and Shady

I have been teaching Sparky and Shady at the one and only Narranga Primary School this term and today I gave a parent talk with a handout. Afterwards I thought – ‘Man I should send that to my email list!’ Pretty handy that today is fortnightly blog post – so here you go… Sparky and […]

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How to help kids regulate their emotions

I have been teaching the ‘How your feelings work’ lesson in schools this week and have updated the content so I thought I would share the back story and the new ‘How to’… A couple of years ago when I first taught the program at Narranga, the amazing Gayle Ellicott suggested I add something about […]

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How to manage Shady behaviour

I have been teaching the ‘How your personality works’ lesson at schools and in after school classes this week and it hit me yesterday why neither pure Shady reactions nor pure Sparky responses to unwanted behaviour work. Here let me explain with an example… You are on the phone checking your emails when your 7 […]

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How to explore Shady

This post is about helping children explore their Shady in a loving and respectful way. (In scientific terms Shady is our limbic brain, check out the following if you are up for some science Before we begin, a story to make this post relevant and interesting… Yesterday I drove Jack and three of his […]

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How to grow your Sparky

It occurred to me this week, when I taught the first Sparky and Shady lesson, ‘Who you are’ at Glenreagh Primary School that it is important for kids to GROW their Sparky. If our kids can grow their Sparky and shrink their Shady then their wellbeing, resilience, confidence, self-love and self-worth will all increase! Yippee! […]

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