Challenging thoughts

IMG_2733Last night I had a class of kids for ‘Sparky and Shady’. I usually go in feeling full of love and totally organised. Due to it being that time of the month I felt a little low and decided to ‘go with the flow’ (no pun intended)!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I’ve set the benchmark high – I am enthusiastic, loving, energetic and organised usually, so when I wasn’t these things the kids were being really Shady.

I was feeling like a complete failure and thinking stuff like, ‘Why do I have to manage everyone else’s Shady? Why can’t these kids just be nice to each other? I’ve taught them so much stuff and still they listen to Shady! Why do kids in general think it’s cool to be Shady?’

I spoke to the kids about my thoughts, admitting they were Shady and asked what they thought. They said stuff like, ‘Kids like having fake highs. Grown ups are supposed to stop kids being Shady. Shady is more fun!’ Then one of them said, ‘Why aren’t we asking Sparky what to do?’

OMG! YIPPEE! Alleluia! So we stopped listening to Shady and asked Sparky what to do…

My Sparky said, ‘Have a cry Kathy, you are holding onto too much worry!’

The kids Sparky’s said, ‘Keep going, it’s okay to have a bad day. Explain about fake highs again. Remind us to be respectful of each other.’

I had my cry this morning and afterwards Sparky said, ‘See it works! It all works. Keep going with Sparky and Shady Kathy!’

Oh the photo is gorgeous Laura who is not at all challenged with her thoughts. She is extremely grateful and full of love because her ‘Sparky and Shady’ buddy, Tia, made her a cheesecake to surprise her and to share her love! How heavenly!


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