After School Classes

Term 3 After School Classes

for kids aged 6 – 12 years (and an accompanying parent) 

Wednesdays 4pm – 5.15pm

9 weeks of classes from 26th July to 20th September

$225 per child for new enrolments (parents complimentary)

$169 for past students 

Arena Room Coffs Harbour Showground


In the nine weeks of after school classes we cover the following lessons:

  1. Who you are
  2. Why you are here
  3. How your body works
  4. How your personality works
  5. How your thoughts work
  6. How your feelings work
  7. How to cope with problems
  8. How to believe in yourself
  9. How to follow your dreams

What your children get

  • Self-awareness of how their body, personality, thoughts and feelings all work
  • To meet Sparky (their loving side) and Shady (their scared side) and knowledge to help them tell the difference
  • Three strategies to manage their body, feelings and thoughts – ‘Short cuts’
  • A strategy that works to cope with problems and let go of ‘baggage’ – ‘Pit Stop’
  • Three secrets to believe in themselves
  • Three secrets to follow their dreams
  • A blank ‘Sparky and Shady’ workbook to draw and write in
  • New friends and an outside game each week!

What you get

  • A PDF copy of ‘Sparky and Shady for Kids’ or ‘Sparky and Shady for Big Kids’ emailed to you prior to the first lesson
  • An opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the books ($29.95 ea)
  • ‘How to take a Pit Stop’ video to support you and your child to let go of ‘baggage’ (emailed to you after the workshop)
  • Happy and loving children who are empowered to make good choices, cope with problems and believe in themselves!
  • An understanding of how your child works and strategies to use at home to help them cope with problems and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.


  • $225 per child for new enrolments (you can pay nine regular direct debit payments of $25 a week if you prefer)
  • $169 per child for past students (because in all honesty this stuff takes a while to sink in and become part of our habits)
  • Accompanying parents are complimentary

Special requirements

If you or your children have special needs or requirements for the after school classes (e.g. wheelchair access or allergies) please note on the registration form provided below.

What to bring for children and parents

  • A water bottle
  • Shoes you can run and play in. (Parents do not have to join in games unless they would like to!)


If you believe the after school classes are not ‘worth it’ your money will be refunded!

For further details please phone 0409 711 608 or email

BOOK NOW (each class is limited to 10 kids and parents)


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