Clear the way

Clear the way

Sometimes you have to ask other people to help you clear the way for new ideas or in this case to help you make a clear shot.

I sent an email to three friends yesterday asking, “What problem is my book solving?’ I thought I was writing my book to help kids believe in themselves so they could grow up and follow their dreams which was making it very hard for me to come up with a marketing plan.

I also wrote this question down on a piece of paper and asked Sparky (my positive inner voice) to answer it for me. I put this piece of paper next to my bed (I meant to put it under my pillow but forgot!) and went to bed with the intention of having the answer when I woke up.

Guess what? I woke up and instantly knew the problem was unhappy kids – I help kids be happy by teaching them how to believe in themselves!  I’ve had the clearest and best day of writing I have had for a long time!

Try it next time you are stuck and need clarity with something, good old Sparky even works when I’m asleep!

Love Kathy

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