Do we make them?


This is my gorgeous son grading for his full green belt. For the last month (I could say three but that would be exaggerating a little!) he has whinged and thrown tantrums on karate nights because he “hates it”.

Our family made a deal, Jack would keep doing karate until he finished his next grading and I would go and watch him train in his lessons and then he could quit if he decided to. His Dad (who is a double black belt) has been taking Jack for almost three years but hasn’t watched him for about six months because he teaches a younger class in another room.

So Jack did it, he graded! His Sensei told him he graded at 100% and that he was proud of him! My husband lovingly told me last night he “graded because of you” as in Jack did his best to get my approval and attention, which of course he got!

I was waiting for Jack to say, “Thank goodness, I can quit now!” But I haven’t heard a peep about quitting, he was actually talking about doing more practice at home so he could double grade next time! Let’s see what happens next week!

IS there a moral to the story? Yep two –

1. Enjoy watching your kids and encourage them to do their best and

2. Always give them an out at a high point!

Love Kathy


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