for me

I’m writing this post for me …

Basically I have been working my arse off trying to teach, support and inspire a class of 8 year old kids, many of whom have additional needs including behavioural, emotional, mental and social.

I lost my way yesterday when I told one particularly demanding kid, “I’m not taking any more of your crap today” after which he immediately went and sprayed sunscreen in as many kids faces as he could before I took the bottle off him.

Last night I knew I needed a day off, so today I’m having one.

Life is pretty depressing sometimes when you know where you want to go but it seems as though you have to plough through a whole heap of thick mud and grunge before you can get there. I know it’s about the journey – but sometimes the journey is just too much to cope with don’t you reckon?

So if you relate – maybe you need a ‘Pit Stop’ day too. That’s what I’m about to do, listen to my Shady whinge her head off and then I’ll have to have a big cry – the thought of it makes me cringe but it is always worth it – so here I go!

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