How to empower your family

Just a heads up – I am selling you something that will empower your family!

My family is not perfect, nor are we happy and loving all the time!

We are loving most of the time however, and we do give each other space and support when we feel low. We also understand that each of us has a not pretty side (Shady) that comes out when we are hungry, tired, stressed, hormonal, sad, angry or upset. I wouldn’t say we ‘enjoy’ Shady but we definitely love, understand and tolerate each other’s Shady.

My family is also very honest and open. It is okay to be yourself and that includes your worst self – you are still loved and you still belong, no matter what!

We have an amazing, rewarding and loving family life (most of the time) because of me! (I will risk sounding totally full of myself but sometimes we have to own our gifts – ‘own your gifts all the time’ says Sparky!) But it is a hard earned gift – I spent the last 23 years researching, writing and trialling hundreds of different ideas to help kids cope with problems and believe in themselves. All because I ‘lost it’ after a motorbike accident and thought, “Why didn’t anyone teach me how I worked when I was a kid?”

‘Sparky and Shady’ works! It is, as Cristi Juffermans says, a ‘life-changing’ program for you, your kids and your family.

For the first time this coming January I am offering a ‘Two Day Family Workshop’ for families. It will be at Aanuka Beach Resort with all food and materials included for all participants. This family workshop will take place twice next year (in January and July) and it will be limited to 64 people each event. The price is set for January but will most likely increase for July.

If you or one or more of your children have been to any ‘Sparky and Shady’ event in the last 12 months – which includes workshops, after school classes and one on one appointments – then you have a once off opportunity this January to receive a 20% discount on the ticketed cost of the workshop for you and your family. Just email me and I’ll send you the discount code.

If you (past participants) refer the January workshop on to someone else they can get 10% off the ticketed price for January too (only available for January). It would make a very cheap, amazing, adventurous and family bonding holiday for city folk – all up with accommodation at Aanuka and all meals (except dinner) for two days it will cost a family of four $2185 and that’s staying at the best beach in Coffs for two nights in the middle of summer holidays!! There is nothing to say you locals can’t have a holiday at Aanuka too! If you eligible for the 20% discount it will only cost you $2015 for an empowering family summer holiday! (But get in quick because the rooms are limited!)

The workshop places are limited too – I am only taking 64 people and tickets went on sale today

If you have been waiting patiently to see if ‘Sparky and Shady’ is going to take off then now is the time to jump on board. I am happy to give everyone on my mailing list the referral discount of 10% off the ticketed price.

The discount code is SASRD10 – type it in when you get to the payment page.

Oh yeah – how do you empower your family? You buy tickets and come to the January workshop that’s how!

Love Kathy

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