How to know if you need a Pit Stop

Saturday I felt like sh*t. I was cranky at Jeremy and Jack and I just wanted to go back to bed. My gorgeous husband said, “I think you need a cry, off you go, come back when you are better!”

I spent the next hour whinging and moaning and searching for things in my life to be angry, sad or scared about. I had quite a few things that I brought up from the past and tried yelling and crying over them – but nope – nothing, I’d already let those go. Then I tried something I’d already had two recent Pit Stops about – upgrading the workshops – nope not that either.

At that point I came out and said, “I’m done!” Jeremy looked at me and said, “No you’re not better yet! Go and get it out.” He followed me in to the bathroom and kept saying, “What else?” to help me get all my Shady thoughts out.

Then when I couldn’t possibly think of anything else that I was angry, sad or scared about, he left me to have another go at crying.

Now I know how good I feel after a Pit Stop so even though I don’t like taking them and I don’t like making myself cry – I do it when I know I have too, just cause I know the after effect is awesome, heavenly and uplifting.

BUT get this… I just couldn’t cry. No matter how hard I tried even with ‘fake crying’ to get me started, nothing would come out, no thing, zero, and zilch. So I had a sleep instead.

When I woke up I remembered I was supposedly taking a Pit Stop so I asked Sparky, “What now?” Sparky replied, “Do your paintings for your book and get it sent to Michelle.” (Yes, that clearly!)

Michelle is a book interior designer who actually designed my first book, ‘Angels for Kids’ – if you have seen that book you would have to agree that it is gorgeous!

To cut a long story short – I spent the rest of the weekend painting, scanning, photo-shopping and formatting the text and pictures to make them as good as I could get them. That includes two more emails to Ade my heavenly editor despite telling her “This is the final draft” about eleven times previously!

Yesterday I finished off the digital stuff, printed out a black and white hard copy of the whole 96 pages and sent the bloody thing with a USB stick by express post.

As I walked out of the post office Sparky goes, “You felt bad because you weren’t listening to me, I told you to send your book to Michelle two weeks ago!” Okay then! She then said she loved me and told me to go and have some sushi to celebrate – so I did!

The point is – When you feel bad ask Sparky, “What now?” It might save you the drama of taking a Pit Stop when you don’t really need one!

Love Kathy

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