How to make a difference

Jeremy my lovely husband is in this year’s ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ in Bondi, Sydney. Our family just spent close to 5 days down there helping, supporting and enjoying the adventure!

During our time there I met 12 other artists who I considered to be truly ‘inspiring’. Their works are meaningful, they are beautiful people, they are helpful and supportive of others and they are genuinely grateful that they have a life where they are truly making a difference following their dreams!

What if our kids grew up and had lives like that?

They can! And here’s how…

To make a difference all our kids have to do is:

  • Be themselves
  • Have fun
  • Share their love
  • Share their gifts
  • Learn along the way and
  • Follow their dreams.

Be themselves – your child is unique and irreplaceable. Out of the one hundred billion people who have ever lived on earth there has never been and will never again be another child exactly like yours!

They are perfectly designed for what they are here to do. All they have to do is get comfortable in their own skin and really and truly be themselves!

In other words they don’t need to pretend they are someone they’re not. They just need to be true to their own individual likes, dislikes, interests, passions and dreams. They need to think, say and do the things that make them happy and full of love. People who are happy with themselves are the best kind of attractive!

Have fun – our kids are here to have fun, to enjoy themselves, to be happy. When they are happy and full of love, other people want to be around them. When they are having fun just make sure they are respectful of themselves and others! That way everyone has fun!

Share their love – our kids are here to share their love. They do this everyday when they are kind, caring, helpful, thoughtful and doing what they enjoy. It’s easy to share your love when you are doing stuff that makes you happy!

Share their gifts – like those artists, our kids are here to share their gifts. Gifts are the things our kids are good at, or the things they enjoy and want to get better at. What are your kid’s gifts? Art, piano, painting, singing, golf, tree climbing, reading, gardening, organizing other people, solving problems, speaking in front of groups, being a good friend, playing computer games, cooking, surfing, looking after animals or something else?

Give your child opportunities to share their gifts so they can shine! Happy kids are a pleasure to be around even if it means driving them to after school activities a couple of times a week! (Just to clarify – they get to pick these activities not us!)

Learn along the way – there are times when our kids make mistakes, make wrong choices, ‘lose it’ and fail. In fact everyone does it, because everyone is human! Everyone has a Shady and everyone is scared that we are not safe, loved, important or worthwhile and when we listen to Shady and do what Shady suggests we often get it wrong.

The good thing about getting it wrong is that every single time your child makes a mistake they get an opportunity to learn. When they learn something they get wiser and therefore closer to being able to make the difference they were born to make.

Follow their dreams – our kids are really and truly here to follow their dreams! They are not here to ‘play it safe’! Going and hanging out with artists really brought that home to me in a big way. No offence to my husband’s parents and teachers, but 30 years ago everyone told him he could ‘never make a living out of art’!

Guess what he is doing now? He is making a living out of art! He gets to make influential environmental works, exhibit them in front of half a million people and share his passion for art with his TAFE students. He is also supporting our family financially while I’m getting set up following my dream.

It is not only possible to make a living following our dreams it is exactly what we are designed to do!

Our kids are here to make a difference in a unique way. They are the only ones on earth who can do what they are here to do! Let’s support them to shine – the earth and everyone on it needs them!

IMG_3263Love Kathy


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