I can make my own website

I must believe in myself because after a few days of doubting and worrying based on a belief that I couldn’t do a website because I had absolutely no clue about wordpress, blogging and website design, I’m NOW up to page 209 in WordPress for Dummies – Establishing my blog routine!

I’ve changed my belief “I can’t” to “I bloody well can!”

So what if I had no idea, all I have to do is read, do it and ask for help when I need it because with help I can learn anything I put my mind to!

I’m just going to keep going (asking for help along the way of course from everyone and anyone who will help me) until I publish my site and have something to give away and something to sell for those of you who like the seven steps and want more of the nitty gritty!

My goal to launch is June 20th. I can do it!

Love Kathy

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