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pit stop

This totally works. In the last two days at school I have had three gorgeous come up and ask for help with a ‘Pit Stop’ when they have felt low (or bad). I just looked at myself in the mirror after watching my Friday night movie and I mean really looked into my eyes and realised I am making a difference and I cried in pure JOY!

How amazing that it works! Well, I knew it worked but knowing it works and actually watching it work right on the spot for 7 and 8 year olds has been totally overwhelming.

So what the flip does that have to do with you? If you have kids – EVERYTHING!

When they feel bad help them take a Pit Stop. In the simplest possible explanation I can summon at 10 o’clock at night, is this …

1. When your kid comes to you and they feel bad put your hand up to signal STOP (as in stop what you are both doing to solve this with them)

2. Point your thumb down and ask “What are you feeling?” (Listen to them say something like, ‘bad, sad, angry, annoyed, hurt, lonely’)

3. Touch your pointer finger and ask “Is your body okay?” (As in do they need food, water, a sleep, a cuddle – if they do help them give their body what it needs.)If it’s not their body …

4. Touch your tall finger and ask “What are you thinking?” (Get them to say their shady thoughts out loud – they are the worried, angry and sad thoughts that are making them feel bad. Just listen to them until they run out.) Now get them to ask Sparky (their wise, loving and ‘good’ side) “Is that helping?” Get them to tell you the answer then move onto the next finger …

5. Touch your ring finger and ask “What now?” (As in they ask their Sparky, “What do I do now with the helpful or unhelpful thoughts?”) Listen to the answer they give you then get them to do what Sparky says …

6. If the thought was not helping Sparky may have told them to LET it GO. If so get them to imagine they are taking all their fearful thoughts (which includes angry and sad thoughts) from Shady and then tell them to imagine they are handing them all to Sparky who takes them and from there they amazingly transform into something beautiful. Then get them to ask Sparky again “What now?” Now they just do what Sparky said and that’s it, their Pit Stop is over!

It totally works! Taking a Pit Stop helps kids solve their own problems BETTER than any other trick or strategy I have ever used!

Well, it’s all pretty logical when you think about it, as if our ‘good’ side can’t help us solve our problems!

Love ya!

PS ‘Let go’ is the little finger and ‘What now’ is the ring finger (the photo hasn’t been updated)

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