Laugh or cry


Today I need a cry, I know I need a cry because I feel really low and my Shady (fearful voice inside my head) is thinking all sorts of dodgey things like: “You can’t do it” “You are just a dreamer” “You’ve wasted a whole year” “No one will buy your book” and “You’re a tripper!” And I can’t seem to STOP it!

But before I have that cry I thought I might just mention I’d rather be laughing!

The ONLY reason I’m going for a cry…right now… is because it will be worth it when I’m done so…

I’m off to cry so I can feel full of love again, it’s not fun walking around wanting to tell everyone to “F%#k off”

Love Kathy

c u when I’m better, I may even be able to laugh again then! Yeah okay I’m going…

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