Let Go


I met with an 8 year old boy and his mum the other day and she asked me how to help her son ‘let go’ of past stuff he was hanging onto. Stuff like being hit, kicked, choked and teased by other kids.

The boy told me he ‘let go’ by teasing and leaving the other kids who did it to him out of games so they would ‘learn their lesson’ and so he could get his anger out of him and into them instead!

“Oh, that’s not exactly what I mean when I say, ‘let go’,” I explained.

“What you need to do is take a Pit Stop and when you get to your tall finger and listen to everything Shady has to say, let your feelings come out then too. If you feel angry bash a pillow until you realise that under that anger you feel sad because your Shady believes those kids don’t like you. Then lie on your pillow with a towel to catch your tears and snot and have a big, big cry about how sad you are. Then when you have no tears and no anger or sadness left about those kids or those things that happened to you, then you have let go!”

“Oh” replied the boy. “That way sounds better, I’ll try that!”



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