Love cures everything

I love this one, it looks like floating love!

Jeremy’s heavenly art

I went up the headland this morning to record the third CD in the “How to Believe in Yourself – Seven Steps for Parents and Kids” series and I covered Step three – Love your Body. In my ramblings (all very informative of course) I mentioned that our beautiful kids need us to cuddle them for a few minutes each day a few times a day, which is totally true, we need close physical contact several times a day. Anyway when I came home I found Jack (my 9 yr old) in his PJs playing on the floor instead of eating his breakfast at the table where his dad had asked him several times to be. I sat with him at Dad’s okay (instead of rousing on him) and gave him a big cuddle and he just melted into my arms and told me several things that were worrying him about his day yesterday and the thought of his day today. He let me cuddle him for around three minutes I would say, then he got up and happily went away to do something else (no he didn’t miraculously sit up to eat his breakky!) Anyway the point is – he felt better about his day and all I did was cuddle him, I didn’t even give him any advice!

So what’s the relevance to my husband’s gorgeous art? Absolutely nothing, I’m learning how to upload pictures from other websites and I picked his! Too funny! But it does look like floating love hearts to me! And love cures everything!

Love Kathy

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