Meet Shady

Shady V Sparky

Meet Shady

To help you find the right image for Shady, I’ll describe some of his or her qualities to you (I’ll use ‘he’ again).

Shady is scared you are not loved and important so he spends a lot of time trying to prove that you are worthy of love and attention. He also tries to protect you from other people or things that might hurt your body and feelings or challenge your thoughts and beliefs.

Shady loves you, but he has a funny way of showing it – he can be mean and awful to you and other people too. Shady thinks it is his responsibility to look after you. He doesn’t trust Sparky – yet – but we can fix that. Let’s imagine Shady now …

Imagine you are back in your car again … turn around and see Shady sitting in the back seat behind you. Whatever image you see if fine as long as it is the part of you that is scared you are not loved and important.

Imagine a big hole opening up in the ground right beside you … drive yourself into that hole or tunnel and follow it deep into the Earth … eventually the tunnel will end at a door to a room like a cave … when you reach the end get out of the car and follow Shady into his cave … it is kind of cozy in there, but it is also dark, empty and lonely …

Ask Shady if he’d like to drive with you to meet another part of you called ‘Sparky’ … see him say “Yes” … jump back in your car and drive up to your heavenly place … see Sparky standing there waiting for you both … imagine Sparky opening the door for Shady and giving him a big cuddle as he gets out of the car … hear Sparky say, “I love you Shady. Thanks for coming up here. Would you like to live here too? The view is great!”

Imagine Shady feeling loved and excited at the idea of having a beautiful, big, new land and home … see him smile at Sparky and hear him say, “Yes okay, that would be great. But am I free up here?” … Hear Sparky answer, “Yes of course Shady, you are totally free, I love you just as you are.”

Imagine you, Shady and Sparky all holding hands and agreeing to love and look after each other just as you are … hear yourself telling Shady that you will listen to him whenever he wants to tell you something … see Shady agree and hear him say that he would like to come and go between here and his cave whenever he wants to … see Sparky smile and hear him say “That would be great! Why don’t you show Shady around?” … take Shady on a tour … let him create some places here that he likes too, maybe swings, a cubby house, a swimming pool, a home, a room in Sparky’s home … … when you are finished in your heavenly place see all three of you hop back into your car … drive yourself off your cloud and come back down to Earth.


Your body, feelings and thoughts altogether make you! Shady and Sparky are your ‘bad’ thoughts and your ‘good’ thoughts.

Imagining Shady and Sparky outside you is a great way to talk to and listen to them, but they are not really separate from you. Shady and Sparky are parts of you. They are always connected to you and they can never leave you.

Having Shady and Sparky means you can think any thought possible. Being able to think anything gives you the freedom to drive yourself wherever you want to go!

Of course while you are still a kid your parents have a BIG say in where you drive – but if you learn this stuff now it will help you get better at driving. That way when you are old enough to leave home and drive yourself you will know EXACTLY what you are doing!

Take a break to let this sink in. Tomorrow we will talk about WHY you are here!

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