Money block gone!

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If you have been following my crisis about claiming the title of “Parenting Expert” you will possibly be relieved that it is over!

I am standing on a stump in front of you now claiming it – “I am a Parenting Expert!”

Not only that in the last week I have finally let go of three serious beliefs in my subconscious that have been holding me back.

HOW? I followed Sparky’s guidance (my loving inner voice) who told me to go and get some help to find out what was holding me back (he even told me exactly who to go to!). Turns out I had issues with:

1. Resentment over supporting my husband for many years,

2. “Earning” money,  and

3. Blocking any positive qualities I may have inherited from my natural dad.

Rather than delve into each of these I’m just going to share the second one, because it is pretty simple to change and if you have it too, this may help you or as a dear friend said, “You can leach it off me.”

So in the past I had a block with writing money goals on my vision board, I have written them but I’ve taken them down after a little while because they felt too “greedy” or “self centred” or not “loving”. Well a couple of weeks ago I wrote a money goal for the next year on  a new vision board and when I went to see the “holistic healer” I told her I didn’t believe I could make that money but I didn’t want to take it down, she did her magic and we worked out that all I had to do was change,

“I will earn $xxxxxx this financial year” to,

“I will receive $xxxxxx or more this financial year.”

Turns out my subconscious associates “earning” with doing work for someone else to earn money that I don’t really want to do, I can no longer brainwash myself into “loving” working for someone else since I KNOW WHAT I AM HERE TO DO and it’s not work for someone else (unless of course they let me teach my stuff, in which case, yeah “Bring it on!”)

Receive means just that “get” and in my case “happily get”. When I share my stuff with you and other parents so you can teach your kids to believe in themselves, man I couldn’t be any happier! Honestly I could do it all day everyday and therefore my subconscious did not count me sharing my gifts as “earning”. BUT it will allow me to receive for sharing my gifts so there you go!

One word, massive impact.

Love Kathy


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