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No ‘How to’ post this fortnight – what’s coming up and book excerpt instead!

Sorry – I got nothing left in the tank tonight, other than upcoming stuff (which includes a book!)

Here is what is happening…

Sparky and Shady Two Day Holiday Workshop

Who – Kids aged 6 – 12 years and an accompanying parent

When – 9am – 3pm Thursday and Friday 6th and 7th October

Where – ‘Arena’ room Coffs Harbour Showground

What – We cover: Who you are, Why you are here, How your body works, How your personality works, How your thoughts work, How your feelings work, How to cope with problems, How to believe in yourself and How to follow your dreams!

Cost – $250 per child (parents free)

Provided – Children receive a workbook and 12 beautiful Lyra pencils to keep. Filtered water, basic tea and coffee also provided.

Bring – Food for the day, water bottle, hat, shoes you can play in and a willingness to learn some new, interesting and potentially life changing stuff!

Money back guarantee if you don’t think the workshop was worth the investment.

BOOK NOW – because there is a maximum of 10 kids per group

0409 711 608 or

Sparky and Shady After School Classes

Tuesdays in Term 4

Almost the same as the workshop above except classes run on Tuesday afternoons from 4 – 5.15pm for the term (one lesson per week) and cost $225 (the kids don’t get to keep the pencils!)

Now for the really exciting part!

‘Sparky and Shady for Kids – How to love and understand yourself in nine days’

book for 4 – 8 year olds was sent to the book designer TODAY (hence the real reason for no post)! It will be out by Chrissy! Yippee! Stay tuned for an early bird ordering system!

Here is a sneak preview of the ‘How to believe in yourself’ chapter:

Chapter eight – How to believe in yourself

 First – I can do it! (this first bit is probably enough for 4 and 5 year olds)

Believing in yourself means, “I can do it!”

Here are four things that will help you believe in yourself:

  • Believe you are here to make a difference on earth that no one else can make.
  • Love Shady no matter what he thinks or tells you to do.
  • Trust Sparky and be brave enough to do what he tells you to do (because you can do it)!
  • Let go of shady thoughts and feelings by talking about them and expressing them safely with mum, dad or a grown-up you trust.

When you believe in yourself you are brave enough to be yourself and share what you love doing with others… that’s how you make a difference!

Second – Love Shady (this is extra for 6, 7 and 8 year olds)

Shady doesn’t normally believe in you. He loves you and tries his hardest to look after you, but he is scared you will make mistakes, fail and be embarrassed.

Love Shady and listen to him, but don’t believe him or trust him.

Trust Sparky

Sparky totally believes in you. He knows you can do anything you set your mind to. He knows you are here to do something no one else can do in the exact same way that you can. Sparky is always there for you and always helping you. Practice listening to Sparky every day by asking, “What now?” and then do what Sparky says.

Let go

Take a Shady short cut to let go of angry, sad and scared thoughts and feelings so they don’t become baggage in your boot. Baggage is heavy! It drags you down to the low road. To let go of baggage take a Pit Stop with mum, dad or a grown-up you trust.

To do

Draw a picture of what you look like when you believe in yourself.

More for parents

  • Every child is here to make a difference on earth that only they can make in their particular way. Life is not a competition. No one else can take your child’s place nor can they steal their purpose.
  • Belief in yourself does not mean you are fearless. Shady is an important and permanent part of us that makes us human. The secret to loving ourselves is learning to accept and love the fearful part of us, Shady. The secret to believing in ourselves is learning to trust Sparky and to be courageous enough to do what Sparky says, despite being scared.

Hands on

  • Remind your child that they are here for a purpose and that no one else can fulfill their purpose or take it away from them.
  • Tell your child that they CAN do it (whatever ‘it’ is)! Maybe not the first time, or even the second time, but if they put their mind to it and keep going, they will do it!
  • When your child has taken a Shady short cut and let go of their doubt, remind them to ask Sparky, ”What now?” Support them to do whatever Sparky told them to. If their Shady starts doubting them again encourage them to throw Shady’s thoughts in the bin and to tell Shady, “I love you Shady, but that’s not helping.”


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