Real Parenting

Family shot

Real parenting is different for everyone. Maybe you ate take away for tea, or yelled at your kid today, or broke a promise, that’s real!

My gorgeous husband and I parent very differently, he went away today for work for a while and my son said, “I like it when dad goes away but I don’t like it too!”

You are the mum or the dad (most likely the mum if you are reading this – sorry blokes but that’s true according to statistics) so you really gotta do what works for you and in all honesty who cares if you stuff it up every now and then? You just gotta be true to you!

All that matters, really matters is that when you tuck your kid into bed at night, they know in their heart that you absolutely adore them and you are grateful they are in your life.

They can feel your love, they can feel your connection to them, your belief in them and they know deep in their hearts how important they are to you – no matter what you think, say or do! No matter if you are mum or dad and no matter how differently you do it from each other.

As they grow, with your unconditional love and help they develop a sense of trust in the world and faith in something bigger than all of us. If we help them to believe in themselves, to connect with the spark of love in their heart, eventually they will have their own source of inner faith, hope and love that will give them the confidence to be themselves, their real selves, whoever they may be.

Go for it, be the real parent you were born to be.


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