Shady is a bitch!

Why is bitching a normal and acceptable part of our culture?

I was in a food shop this afternoon and watched with a smile as one shop keeper said a cheery ‘goodbye’ to her two work mates. Less than one minute later in front of me and one other customer those two work ‘mates’ started bitching about the girl who just left.

The exact ‘bitch’ was about how long she took on her coffee breaks and how she had three breaks in her 6 hour shift. One worker was swearing about the girl being ‘f—ing overworked!’ in a sarcastic tone, she then turned and smiled at me.

And can you believe it? I bloody well smiled back before I registered what was going on.

‘Shit, I should have said something cutting to make them realise what they were doing’ I thought on my way out.

Sparky says I could have said, ‘That’s not very nice’ which seems pretty lame, but anything else I come up with is Shady.

Interesting how we combat bitching by being bitchy!


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