Shady isn’t worried!


This morning I’m sitting on the headland watching the moon go down and then 5 minutes later the sun come up! Pure heaven!

I do my usual meditate where I feel myself connected to the earth, feel heaps of love and support from the earth, then feel love in my heart because I think of my three boys whom I am ridiculously grateful for. Then in my imagination I go to my heavenly place and Sparky comes out sending me oodles of love and Shady is there too (I always include Shady in my morning meditation!) Then I say my usual “Ok Shady what are you worried about today beautiful?” And Shady just leans into me and says, “I’m not worried about anything, I TRUST you and Sparky.”

Okay not worried? That’s twice ever you have not been worried and yes the other time was on the headland too as a matter of fact – pretty blissful up here!

So I come home and ring up about getting my front windscreen replaced and find out it will cost $500, so I go “Shady are you worried now?” and she answers, “Yeah, but only becasue it’s my job, I know we will be alright!”

I love you Shady you cutie!

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