Shady mum

Shady mum

Jack's stuff you

I’ve been a shady mum tonight … and that’s okay!

I know the theory, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do a ‘Pit Stop’ or a ‘F— Off’ (these are both strategies to help kids cope when they are feeling bad) with Jack tonight because I’m too bloody worn out.

Instead I was incredibly shady. I told him that the consequence of him refusing to do the school work he was supposed to do at home because he refused to do it at school today was that I wouldn’t read him the final two chapters of an amazing Emily Rodda book we were due to finish tonight. (Not a consequence I ever use!)

“We’ll I don’t care and I’m not going to school tomorrow either – you can’t make me” was his response. So I rebuked him with,

“You are going to school tomorrow mate to face the consequence of you not finishing that work. And if you don’t go, you won’t go to sword club next Monday arvo and you won’t have junk food and a movie this Friday arvo!

“I hate you – I’m running away.”

“Well Jack, I love you and I know I could be helping you but I’m too tired now, we’ll sort it out in the morning, good night!”

Sometimes your best is not always the best – but it just has to do for now!

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