Shady starts a fire


As I walked down the headland track an hour ago I heard loud crackling and felt intense heat. I looked up to see a boy around 12 hitting at a medium size fire with a palm frond, I imagined he was trying to put it out. Then his two mates said, “Don’t do that it will make it bigger.” So he stopped and put the alight palm on the other side of the track where it immediately started another fire.

I rang the fire brigade and told them where the fire was and how to get there, when they asked “Do you know how it started?” I answered, “Yeah I think three boys lit it.”

Two other women who were walking up the track had watched the boys too and although none of us saw the boys light the fire when I got off the phone I said,”Do you think they started it?” “Yes” they both answered.

Whether they did or not, I don’t know and it probably wasn’t fair to assume they did, but if they did, how incredibly Shady!

So on the way home imagined what their Shady’s (negative voices) must have said to each other…

“Hey, let’s light a fire and see what happens.”

“Yeah okay, is anyone coming?”

“Nope, you do it I’ll stand guard.”

“Oh shit, look at it burn, shit, shit, quick get something to stop it.”

Then I appeared from the top of the track and the other two women appeared from the bottom of the track and the three boys were fenced in between us and the fire. I rang 000 and the boys ran off.

Shady can be a cheeky bugger can’t he?

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