Shady vs Sparky for kids

Note to parents

This book is written for parents to read with kids under 10 years old.

The ideas in here are new and thought provoking. For this reason I have separated the content into nine short sections to make sure your child has a chance to sleep on each idea before being introduced to a new one.

Start at the beginning of the book and read your child one section each night just before you read their nightly bedtime story. Each section is around two pages in length and will take between five and ten minutes to read.

In nine nights you will have read the whole book and then you can come back and reread any section at anytime!

If you would like more details about the ideas in this book and some practical ways to apply the knowledge and tools grab a copy of ‘Shady vs Sparky for parents’. If you have children aged 10 or older ‘Shady vs Sparky for big kids’ is the way to go!

Enjoy your journey with your beautiful kid (or kids)!

Love Kathy

PS Read the bit below to your gorgeous kid – I’ll send you a new section each day for eight more days until we are done!


You are driving your life

Imagine you are driving your very own car. You can make it any car you want to. See yourself sitting up there in the driver’s seat peering over the dashboard. It’s not too big because it’s perfectly designed for you. Pretty cool hey?

Can you see yourself in your car? What type of car are you driving? What colour is it?

Imagine you can drive anywhere you want to. Where would you go?

Wait a minute – before you decide – you need to know that there are three of you in your car. Yes three! You are driving; your ‘good’ side is sitting in the front passenger seat next to you and your ‘bad’ side is sitting in the back seat, directly behind you!

Your ‘good’ side wants what is best for you and other people. It gives you great ideas and suggestions to make everything in your life fantastic. It is kind, loving, wise and courageous too. Let’s call it Sparky.

Your ‘bad’ side worries, complains and tells you to do bad things a lot of the time. It disagrees with your ‘good’ side because it is scared. You wouldn’t know it was scared because it acts tough. What’s more confusing is that sometimes it actually helps you! Even though it is called your ‘bad’ side this doesn’t mean everything about it is bad! Let’s call this part of you Shady.

Shady and Sparky often tell you to drive in different directions. When one says ‘stop’ the other might say ‘go faster’. It’s always you who gets the final choice however, because you ALWAYS sit in the driver’s seat.

You are driving your life.


This book will help you

This book is for you if you are under 10 years old. Mum, dad or an adult you love and trust will read it to you or with you.

The whole point of this book is to help you UNDERSTAND yourself so you can get better at driving your own life.

When you are a good driver you will be able to:

*     Cope with problems

*     Believe in yourself and

*     Follow your dreams!

Of course we know you are not really driving a car, but we are going to keep using that comparison throughout this book because it’s a great way to explain:

*    WHO you (really) are,

*    WHY you are here and

*    HOW you work.

That’s enough for today. Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about WHO you really are!

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