Speeding lesson learnt


I have stopped speeding! Which actually means I’ve stopped being in a hurry to get there!

NICE lesson – it only cost me $425 and 8 points off my license but really it was totally worth it!

All my driving life, I have driven right at the limit where I shouldn’t get booked and always been one of those people who swerve and change lanes to get from A to B in the quickest possible time. WHY? I guess I haven’t trusted that I can just go with the flow! I’ve always been in a hurry to PROVE myself – if the truth be known.

So what’s changed? I got a filthy big speeding ticket and had a serious cry about it and when I was listening to Sparky she said, “Kathy it’s time to TRUST that there is no need to rush EVER!”

The entire parallel with my Shady vs Sparky books is too ridiculous! The whole analogy I use in my books for kids is that they are “Driving their own lives” and little ole me is the driving instructor! So pretty handy that I’ve finally learnt to stop speeding don’t you reckon? I love life’s lessons!

Love Kathy


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