Striving to enjoy right now

Rachael, Lucy, Jack and me

Confessions of a high achiever, a striver, an alpha chick with a point to prove.

Hi I’m Kathy! I am an alpha chick. I like achieving. I like meeting my goals. I love people knowing that I have accomplished what I set out to do.

I strive to be an inspiration!

Last night I had a dream that I had a new sports car BUT I couldn’t get the bloody thing to go in reverse – so I couldn’t enjoy it.

As I was hanging out the washing, after getting everyone else ready for the day, after dropping Jack off at school, after going to the gym, I was wondering if I would take the time to make myself a juice before I did some work on my books and Sparky (my loving voice) said to me, ‘Make your juice, have a day off, relax and enjoy yourself’. I said ‘What about this, and this, and this?’ She said, ‘You have to learn to enjoy yourself.’

That’s the whole point of life really, isn’t it? To enjoy it! To enjoy the moment you are in right now because you only have it now …

You can bet your pretty PJ’s I’m striving for that now!

Too funny!




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