Thank you Jo Hilder!

Jo and I just stayed up really late tonight (or early this morning) to put the finishing touches on this gorgeous website which we have almost, almost finished together after my cry for help. Despite the fact we only met 2 weeks ago I feel like we have had this planned for a life time. Jo is an inspirational coach, author, blogger and cancer survivor, I met her through my beautiful son who has fallen for Jo’s gorgeous daughter! Jo this is a blog for you my friend, for your love, support, expertise in WordPress, determination, hard work, persistence and your passion to do whatever it takes to help whoever is standing in front of you to follow their dreams… That’s my passion too and I guess that’s why we are in this together…How incredibly fulfilling and amazing it is when we help each other to live our dreams. Thank you Jo Hilder!

One Response to Thank you Jo Hilder!

  1. Jo Hilder June 21, 2013 at 7:34 am #

    Wowsers! Thank you so much! The admiration is mutual I assure you. Love your work, love your heart. Congratulations on your new venture, I know you’re going to help so many mamas and papas and their families!
    Love ya!
    Jo 🙂

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