This is Shady

This is Shady

“I hope my dead Auntie left me some money in her will. I should have probably visited her more, maybe she won’t, that sucks. I really don’t care if she doesn’t…BULLSHIT of course I do who am I kidding?”

This is my Shady, me. Everyone of us has a fearful voice that talks to us in our mind about what’s going on now, what went on in the past and what’s going to happen in the future. It is NORMAL and socially unacceptable so we hide it and pretend we don’t think things like that, but who are we kidding?

If you are human you would have thought something like I’ve been thinking about my dead Aunt and if you haven’t then you are a liar!

“How dare you? How could you Kath? That’s so selfish, self-centred, thoughtless, greedy, money hungry, I’m not reading your posts ever again! You should be ashamed of yourself.” I hear your Shady say.

Shady is out to get us whatever he (or she but I’ll use he) can, Shady wants us to look good to others so he is very conniving and underhanded.

I love my Shady and that’s why I’m going out on a limb for him now.

The only way to stop the nasty, vindictive, selfish, revengeful, repetitive voice of Shady is to love him, LISTEN to him and thank him for the thought, “Yep Shady, it would be cool if Auntie Melva left us some money to get some books printed, thanks for that thought.” And then guess what happens? He shuts up!

Give it a go!

PS Thanks Auntie Melva, I do love you. Enjoy heaven!



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