Three secrets

This is Kath

Have a great adventure!

Now that you know WHO you are, WHY you are here and HOW you work you will be able to drive yourself happily through life on the high road, most of the time.

Of course you can’t drive on the high road all the time because you have Shady. But when Shady learns to TRUST Sparky more and more, you will find you are on the low road less and less.

When you are on the low road remember it is okay to feel bad. Feeling bad is the signal from your body and thoughts that tells you to stop. When you stop ask:

*     “Is my body okay?” for a quick body check or

*     “Is that helping?” followed by “What now?” for a quick check on your thoughts.

When these don’t work, or don’t work for long enough, take a Pit Stop with mum, dad or a grown up you trust. Pit Stops are a great way to stop you collecting baggage AND a great way to get rid of baggage too!

Here are three handy secrets that will turn your drive with Shady and Sparky into an exciting and rewarding adventure:

*     LOVE Shady

*     TRUST Sparky and

*     BELIEVE in yourself!

Happy driving! And remember to always, always, be yourself and follow your dreams! After all that is why you are here!

Lots of love,


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