Want to know the seven steps to believe in yourself?

When we were kids we didn’t learn anything remotely like these seven steps to believe in ourselves at school.

I’ve been teaching for 17 years in primary schools and high schools and I’m sad to say that despite the fact our culture knows so much more about how we work as human beings physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually our schools (in Australia and possibly your schools in other countries too) are still reluctant to teach our kids content like this. Why is that?

Great question! Let’s look at the seven steps and see if there is any controversy…

Step one – Believe you are loved no mater what

Step two – Expect to make a difference

Step three – Love your body

Step four – “I feel…” Understand your feelings

Step five – Enjoy the mind game

Step six – Vent your feelings and thoughts

Step seven – Easy! Just follow your dreams!

If you are open to your child being a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being who is here to make a difference on earth by following their dreams then this site is for you and your child. Enjoy!

Love Kathy

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