What if worries were stars?

In a morning meditation I asked Shady for all the things she was worried about (exactly like the Daily Meditation here http://kathysheehan.com.au/meditations/ ),   I just wanted Shady to list topics, not go into details, so that morning the list included stuff like: I’m worried about Jack’s soccer shoes being too small, I’m worried about Jeremy working too hard, I’m worried about my books not getting published ever, I’m worried about my moustache being prickly and overdue for a wax, I’m worried about having enough money for the holidays, I’m worried about tidying up the house … etc … etc.

When I’d counted them and Shady said she was finished there were probably around 14 on the list that day. I then took the load of worries off Shady and handed them to Sparky (all this was happening in my imagination). Sparky took all Shady’s worries off me and held them in the palm of his hands then he gently blew them off into the sky and they turned into STARS!!

So I ask Sparky, “What? How can all my worries be stars?”

Sparky answered, “What if everyone’s worries were stars and everyone learnt to trust that every worry, every problem would be taken care of? Wouldn’t that be a great place to store them? And then you could enjoy looking at their beauty knowing you didn’t have to worry about them?”

“Yes Sparky! What a damn fine place to store worries! Everytime I look up into the sky at night now I can think – I TRUST YOU SPARKY!”




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