What you see is what you get



Is there something in your life that isn’t working for you right now?

I had a massive realisation in the last few days that I already knew but now I “get it”.

I’ve been saying, “I have to go back to work because we’ve run out of money.”

I’ve been saying, “My husband doesn’t earn enough to support our family so I have to go and earn some too so we don’t have to take out another loan.”

I’ve been feeling like a loser because I haven’t been able to make money following my passion and I’ve been beating myself up over it.

Well after a couple of cries to let all that negativity out once and for all, now I see it like this…

I’m going to work in a new school to interact with new teachers, parents and kids so I have more wisdom and real life experience to make my content more “real”. And I still get to write and finish my books because I’m not working fulltime.

My husband has done an outstanding job earning money this year, he has earnt more than he has in any other year in the past 9 years and he is earning it in a job he loves! That’s my wish for everyone and he is totally on the path!

I’m a legend for taking a massive risk this year and I’m proud of myself for working very hard to get my website up and running, finding fans who relate to my stuff, having MP3s recorded and having my book almost, almost finished and ready to publish on Amazon. In addition to that I KNOW I’m going to make it, I know my stuff works and I know I will never give up and nor do I need to give up – ever.

I will find a way! Actually how about this – I found a way!

If you are seeing something you don’t like – Why don’t you have a massive whinge and a cry about it to let it go and then see if you can see it differently?

Let me know if it works for you!

Love Kathy


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