When grown ups bully kids

Arrest the bullies

When grown ups bully kids they should be pulled over.

I very recently watched a grown up belittle, stand over and threaten a 12 year old boy in front of his class mates and half the school. I was absolutely dumbfounded, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I guessed that grown up must have been tired and fed up and unable to think rationally about his behaviour. He wouldn’t even let the child speak, he just yelled at him and sent him to sit out the front of the whole upper school.

I explained that the child had asked me to help him give his side of the story and the teacher informed me that the child was a “liar” and that he had had his chance.

After sleeping on it I decided to confront the teacher and let him know that I believed there were more positive ways to respond in a situation like that. He listened to my explanation and then went on to say that if “you be nice to the kids they walk all over you”. I responded that I disagreed and that I believed children developed respect for grown ups who treated them with respect. He said he was not about to change the way he had taught for years because I didn’t like it.

Okay I said, let’s agree to disagree. Then I walked straight to the Principal’s office and told her!

Bullying kids to make them scared of you so they will behave is ABUSE and it is totally unacceptable, if you see a grown up do it, pull them over.

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