Who am I to teach kids to believe in themselves?

This is Kath

A friend asked today, “Kathy have you told people why you are qualified to teach kids this stuff?” Ah kind of but not really so here’s the story in case you are interested…

My journey to believe in myself began when my world came crashing down in a serious motorbike accident a week before my 22nd birthday. Six days later I was told by the hospital staff that I was pregnant and 2 months later I found out my boyfriend of 5 years was seeing someone else. It took me a few years of self-pity, grief, depression and drug use to hit rock bottom, which pretty much sums up my first few years of motherhood.

In between my lows and drug induced highs I started reading self-help books and realised I didn’t understand myself at all, ‘Why didn’t anyone teach me how I worked when I was a kid?’ I wondered.

Seven years later when I’d finally given up drugs, completed my teaching degree, recovered from my final operation,  and written my own book to help people recover from an accident, I got a fulltime job teaching kids with behaviour challenges and emotional disturbances. I researched every program for kids I could get my hands on. I wanted something that taught kids how to be happy, how to stand up for themselves, how to control their anger, how to talk about their feelings and how to be confident. I didn’t find that magical program! After a few years I moved into classroom teaching and continued on my bandwagon to teach kids about themselves and how they worked. I even wrote an anti-bullying program for kids because I passionate about wiping out bullying.

A newspaper reporter asked me why kids bullied each other and my reply was quoted in the paper, “The problem is these kids don’t believe in themselves.” That was the moment I realised exactly what I was trying to do, I was trying to teach kids to believe in themselves.


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