Who, Why and How

I’m just going to tell the truth so here goes …

I’ve been worried (well my Shady has been worried) about how many people have checked out my website since the article in the local paper …

Build up kids self esteem

BUT how few people have enrolled their kid in a class (ratio of 200:7)

So I took a Pit Stop and listened to everything Shady had to say, then when I asked Sparky ‘What Now’ she said, “Update your website to explain the ‘Who, Why and How’ bit of your workshop.”

Oh of course! So I updated my first page and here is some more …

WHO – Your kid is an amazing, unique and irreplaceable human being with a body, thoughts and feelings. Sparky and Shady are an imaginative way of explaining to kids that they have a ‘loving’ side and a ‘fearful’ side of their thoughts and feelings.

WHY – Your gorgeous kid is here to fulfil a unique purpose that only they can fulfil. To do this they just need to be themselves, share their love, learn along the way and follow their dreams.

HOW – Your kid’s body, feelings and thoughts all work together to help them (or hurt them – if they don’t understand how they work and how to help themselves). In the workshop we talk about the importance of: looking after your body (plenty of sleep, water, healthy food, exercise or playing); admitting and expressing your feelings without hurting yourself or others; how to cope with Shady’s sad, angry and scared thoughts and how to hear Sparky’s loving and helpful thoughts and advice! We also learn a cool strategy called a ‘Pit Stop’ that kids can use whenever they feel bad that helps them check and fix their body, thoughts and feelings! (Like I just did to stop my Shady worrying!)

That’s better! I hope to INSPIRE your gorgeous kid in one of my workshops!

Love Kathy

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