Who you (really) are

Shady vs Sparky

Who you (really) are

Yes, you are ________ (your name). But you are also an incredible and unique human being with a body, feelings and thoughts.

Your body is the physical part of you.

Your feelings are the emotional part of you.

Your thoughts are the mental (or thinking) part of you.

Your feelings and thoughts are also known as the ‘spiritual’ part of you, your soul.

When we compare you to a car:

*     Your body is like the car

*     Your feelings are like signals on the dashboard AND traffic lights on the road ahead and

*     Your thoughts come from: You, Sparky and Shady!

Since you spend your entire life with Sparky and Shady talking to you in your head, it’s a good idea to meet them!

Let’s do that right now starting with Sparky!


Meet Sparky

Imagine sitting in the driver’s seat of your car. Look over to the passenger seat and see Sparky sitting there smiling at you, loving you. Imagine Sparky looking at you as though you are the MOST amazing human being in the whole wide world! (In Sparky’s eyes you actually are the most amazing human being in the whole wide world!)

Sparky is the part of you that loves you and believes in you no matter what. Whatever image you see for Sparky is fine as long as it loves you, is ‘good’ and is always there for you no matter what! Sparky might be a he or a she. I will use ‘he’.

Ask Sparky, “Do you love me no matter what?”

Now ask, “Do you believe in me?”

You will hear, see, feel or know answers from Sparky in your imagination. That’s how Sparky talks to you. Is there something you would like help with right now? Ask Sparky for help if you would like some.

When you have finished listening to Sparky imagine driving up into the sky … land on top of a beautiful white fluffy cloud … watch the cloud turn into a wonderful land … hop out of your car with Sparky and see how incredible and ‘heavenly’ this land is … imagine Sparky telling you that you are the ‘boss’ of this place … make it look how ever you want it to look …

This beautiful place is somewhere you can come to talk and listen to Sparky in your imagination whenever you want to … it is safe, loving and peaceful … take your time exploring your heavenly place right now … talk and listen to Sparky some more if you want to …

When you are ready jump back in your car with Sparky and come back down to Earth.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow you get to meet Shady!

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