Why you are here

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Why you are here

You are here to:

*     Be yourself and

*     Follow your dreams.

It’s important to be you! No one else in the whole wide world can take your place. The chance of being you is ONE in one hundred billion. That’s about how many people have ever lived on Earth.

You are the only you there has ever been or ever will be. Do you realise what that means? YOU are an absolute miracle!

You look different, sound different and act differently from others because everyone is meant to be different! Everyone has a different body, everyone has different talents and everyone’s personality is different. Each of us is a unique mixture of good qualities from Sparky and bad qualities from Shady. That’s what makes us human. That’s how we are supposed to be.

No one else can do what you are here to do in exactly the same way you can. It’s like the Earth is one massive jigsaw puzzle and you have your very own spot to fill. You are perfectly designed for it, no one else will fit, and no one else can EVER take your place!

The way you find your place on Earth is to follow your dreams. Your dreams are the things you want to do. They are good for you, other people and nature. You feel excited and HAPPY when you imagine your dreams coming true.

Your dreams eventually lead to your unique life purpose. That’s the job, role or thing you are here to do that no one else can do in exactly the same way you can.

Sparky knows your dreams and your unique life purpose too. You don’t need to worry about finding your place in the puzzle because Sparky will help you. Take some time now to go to your heavenly place and talk to and listen to Sparky. Ask him anything!

When you have talked and listened to Sparky – take a break. See you tomorrow for HOW you work.

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