Your Feelings


Your feelings

You have five basic feelings: happy, okay, angry, sad and scared. All your other feelings are different words for these or a mixture of these. For instance furious means really angry and jealous is a mixture of angry and sad. To make it even simpler these feelings can be called ‘good’, ‘okay’ and ‘bad’.

None of your feelings are bad some of them just feel that way. All your feelings are important because they signal what is happening with your body and thoughts.

Imagine having three lights on the dashboard of your car that match your feelings. Green is good, amber is okay and red is bad. Now imagine upside down traffic lights on the road in front of you with the same signals. Green light at the top means good – GO, amber light in the middle means okay – TAKE CARE and red light at the bottom means bad – STOP.

When your body needs something the red light on your dashboard signals STOP. This means pull over and fix your body.

When you are thinking a thought from Shady a red light signals STOP on the traffic lights on the road in front of you. This means pull over and listen to Shady.

When your body is okay or good you get an amber light or a green light. When you are thinking okay thoughts you get an amber light and when you are thinking good thoughts from Sparky you get a green light. You can keep going on these signals – you only need to stop for red.


When you have a red light on your dashboard you need to fix your body. To do this quickly it’s a good idea to get Sparky’s help, so after you have stopped what you are doing, ask Sparky, “Is my body okay?” Sparky will tell you what your body needs. Give your body what Sparky says and then you will be right to drive again.

When you get a red light on the road in front of you, you need to stop and listen to Shady. Once you know what Shady is thinking ask Sparky, “Is that helping?”

No matter what Sparky says go ahead and ask, “What now?” If Shady’s thought was not helping you or others Sparky might tell you to let it go. If it was helping Sparky will tell you what to do with it now.

When your thoughts make you feel bad it is really important to express your feelings before you drive away again. You might need to bash something, yell, have a run around or have a cry. Expressing your feelings is important and okay as long as you don’t hurt yourself, other people or valuable stuff.

If you don’t express your bad feelings and let them out of your body they stay ‘bottled up’ inside you. When this happens your traffic light gets STUCK on red!

That’s enough for today. Let that sink in and tomorrow we will talk about your thoughts.


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