Your thoughts

Your thoughts

When you are driving yourself in life you can drive on one of three roads. The roads are high, middle and low. The roads match the upside down traffic lights. The high road is green – GO, the middle road is amber – TAKE CARE and the low road is red – STOP.

When you listen to Sparky you drive on the high road, when you listen to thoughts in between you drive on the middle road and when you listen to Shady you drive on the low road.

The high road is the BEST road because you feel fantastic when you are on it. You also have great experiences and find it easy to think Sparky’s thoughts. There is only ever good stuff on the high road – it’s definitely my favourite!

The middle road is OKAY. It has okay feelings on it, okay experiences and okay thoughts.

The low road is the WORST road! It feels bad and has horrible experiences on it. Once you are on it you can’t help listening to Shady. There is bad stuff only on the low road.

You choose which road you drive on when you choose your thoughts.


Bubble of thoughts

It’s like you have a bubble of possible thoughts all around you. Some of these thoughts are bad (from Shady), some are good (from Sparky) and some are in between. It’s as though these thoughts come out of the bubble and ‘pop’ into your head. You get to choose what you do with these thoughts. If you want to you could just say, “No, thanks, I don’t want that thought” and let it go back into the bubble. Or you could say, “Yes please, I want that thought” and take it inside you for later.

Sometimes when you notice you are thinking horrible, mean or shady thoughts from the bubble you can turn to Sparky and ask, “Is that helping?” These thoughts do NOT usually help you so when you ask Sparky, “What now?” Sparky will probably say, “Tell Shady ‘I love you, but that’s not helping’ and let those thoughts go back into the bubble.”

Other times you keep thoughts without realising it because you are angry, sad or scared and you haven’t listened to Shady and expressed your feelings yet. If you don’t let your thoughts and feelings go they stay inside you.

Keeping bad thoughts and feelings inside you is like putting heavy baggage in your boot and in a trailer behind your car too. If you don’t want to get dragged down to the low road by the weight of heavy baggage you can take a ‘Pit Stop’.

Racing cars take Pit Stops to help them stay in a race. If you take a Pit Stop when you feel bad it helps you cope with problems.

I will explain how to take a Pit Stop tomorrow. See you then!

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