“Sparky and Shady is a very thoughtful process that considers the different aspects of children. It is designed for parents to read with their children and contains lovely descriptions of the positive aspects of ourselves (Sparky) and the more critical wary and protective part (Shady). It contains coping strategies and methods for children to cope with a range of problems and challenges. A great contribution!” Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, Resilient Youth Australia Fellow, Ambassador for Mind Matters, National Centre Against Bullying Member.

“The earlier we develop emotional intelligence and awareness in our children, the less mental health issues they will experience in later life. I highly recommend ‘Sparky and Shady’ to all parents looking for strategies to build resilience in their young children.” Dr Nicola Holmes – Working with adolescents with mental health issues, Headspace

“Sparky and Shady captures the core information that children need to understand themselves and thrive; plus, it provides guidelines for parents to follow so that they can best support the emerging self of their precious little ones. It works with special needs children and can be adapted to all levels. Thanks Kathy for bringing Sparky into our lives and helping to befriend Shady.” Prem Dana Takada, Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist & mum

“I highly recommend Sparky and Shady. We were lucky enough to work alongside Kathy at Lower Bucca Community Preschool while she delivered this program. Supporting the children and their families in follow up was essential and rewarding. It helped to further embed the practical solutions for the children, establishing a better understanding of themselves, both their Sparky and Shady sides! The children embraced the language and practiced when supported by their educators and parents! It was a rewarding experience for all involved and definitely made a positive difference!” Nicky Misios, Director, Lower Bucca Community Preschool

“I thought it was insightful and engaging. There was lots of room for student participation and freedom to express themselves. A great way to open up discussions with my more reserved students.” Alison Clark, Primary School Teacher “Every school should use this program. Students were engaged and participated well in each lesson. Delivered beautifully.” Louise, Teachers’ Aide

“The Sparky and Shady Teachers’ Manual is easy to follow, with minimal preparation needed. It contains great suggestions for discussions and follow-up activities. It allows the students to explore the different aspects of who they are and how they work without any kind of judgment. It also has weekly notes to let parents know exactly what’s being taught so the conversations and consistency of language can be continued at home. It was fun to teach and raised some deep concepts within our small group that needed to be addressed for these children. I highly recommend this program. It does make a difference.” Gayle Ellicott, Learning and Support Teacher

“As a Preschool Teacher, I’m extremely interested in enhancing every child’s development at such a young and significant stage. This program provides the foundation to empower children to recognise their emotions and learn strategies to manage their behaviour. Its holistic, positive approach is very exciting… I only wish I’d had this sort of guidance when I was a child!” Giselle Pitt, Preschool Educational Leader

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your online program. Hayden, Zoe and myself really enjoyed it. The sessions were great and set out in a way that made it easy for the kids to comprehend, and it was really interesting for them! Hayden has ADHD, anxiety, and has recently been diagnosed with mild autism, and Zoe can be highly reactive and emotional, and introducing Sparky and Shady into our household has helped us greatly. Thank you again.” Mel Counter

“The two days with you has helped us immensely. I am a better parent after learning about Sparky and Shady. I don’t think I can put into words how grateful and changed I am from your workshop. Still blows me away how powerful, yet how easy your program works. I have learnt to slow down and work through issues with him. And he has a better understanding of his own feelings now. I sing your praises to everyone with young children. Thanks Kathy – you truly are making a difference in this world.” Sue Sticker


“My 12 year old son was adamant that he wouldn’t learn or benefit from the Sparky and Shady Workshop. Very reluctant to be there, he came. I couldn’t believe how patient Kathy was with him. I was feeling totally embarrassed with how he was behaving, but not only did she bring him around she formed a connection with him all at the same time as reassuring me. A truly remarkable women. My 9yr old daughter has embraced and utilised the Sparky and Shady tools since attending the family workshop. Thank you to Kathy as there is no greater gift than learning how to communicate with your children.” Velia Hughes

“The Sparky and Shady workshop gave us lots of tools and language to use in helping us deal with anxiety. I was expecting it to be more beneficial for my daughter, but found that I got lots of aha moments in understanding myself too. I love the way Kathy gives us the characters of Sparky and Shady to explain how we can manage our thoughts and emotions. We have been putting the shortcuts into practise and they work! Thank you Kathy for a wonderful program filled with practical ways we can empower ourselves and our kids to make a difference.” Sophie Stojic

“This program makes sense for adults and children alike. You really need to do this as a family to develop open, loving communication before you navigate those teenage years. Kids should be taught this stuff at school with parents included; it could heal and prevent so much worry, anger and sadness in all our lives.” Brenda Mulhearn

“The Sparky and Shady workshop was so much fun. My kids had a ball and the program was easy to understand and just made sense. I love the fact that it embraces all our thoughts and emotions (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and gives a unique way of looking at them that makes us feel positive about ourselves whilst helping to overcome our own negativity. I went there for my kids to learn to deal with their emotions better but learnt so much about myself that I feel calmer as a parent and can now really help my kids with their emotions. The program and workshops are awesome.” Leanne Robinson

“Sparky and Shady just makes so much sense. It has given my son a way of voicing his feelings and emotions without exploding. We are still working on it but now we have a way of communicating which I can also understand. The energy and joy that you bring to the workshop Kathy is infectious we both had a wonderful time. Thank you Kathy.” Leah Dodd


“Thanks again for holding the Sparky and Shady course. I think it might be life changing for us!! I have used the skills you taught us and things have calmed down a lot at home. Thank you!” Cristi Juffermans

“Sparky and Shady really is for everyone, grown-ups and kids. It really got me to have a good look at myself again and prompted me to further deal with some stuff of my own. I feel like I am more the parent I wanted to be again. I also loved that it is a very practical and relatable program. I am just amazed by my girl and the way she has taken it all in (even when I thought she wasn’t), she has even started to try to pass it on to her 2-year-old sister!” Candice Robinson

“Kathy, I just wanted to let you know how much your workshop has done for Kiyarna, myself and my two youngest daughters. I set an intention early this year to help children in connecting with their energy, mind and body so I could help them in believing in their uniqueness and I have looked at courses but couldn’t quite find what resonated with my intention – that was until yesterday! I am so happy that you have created this opportunity for our children. You are really changing lives and families. I now feel like I don’t need to look so hard for “something or a course etc.” as you have got this and now I want to spread the word and let so many other beautiful families know all about you. You are amazing and you should be so proud of the baby you have created. I am blown away with it all and the way you have made this so child friendly. I had to stop and think (which is what made me sit down and type this) WOW how lucky are our children to be able to begin the unpacking of their baggage and embrace their feelings now…. imagine the world in 20 years when these children are young adults!!!! Thank you for everything” Giselle Pitt

“The Sparky and Shady program gives parents and children a mutual understanding with simple tools and easy language. It extends beyond the kids and empowers the parents too!” Michele Naidu

“Sparky and Shady has completely changed my approach to raising my young girls. Using practical strategies from the workshop, I am encouraging my daughters to grow to be the beautiful, courageous and loving children they were meant to be.” Corey Lewis

“We loved the Sparky & Shady workshop with Kathy. It was fun, it was inspirational and it gave us communication tools that we can use ongoing to solve problems in our little family. On a personal level I rekindled my love for art and decided to do an Art course, and for Meadow she now understands herself better and can solve her own problems (most of the time). On a whole it brought us closer and the group we met were lovely!” Deb Cairns 

“My son Logan really enjoyed Kathy’s workshop! He has Asperger’s Syndrome so I was unsure how he would react. The principals of ‘Sparky and Shady’ really made sense to him and helped him to not only understand and accept himself but also other people in a way that nothing else has!! On a regular basis when one of us is sad, angry, frustrated… we fall back to Kathy’s theory and find that it makes a real difference to nipping the negative in the bud! Shady just needs to be heard and then Sparky puts us back on the right path. The concept has definitely helped our family communicate and understand each other, ourselves and others and has made us even closer. Thank you, Kathy,!!” Jo Eland