Hi, lovely Sparky and Shady folk!

I’m just sharing a wonderful revelation that is totally going to work!

Sparky and Shady are our unconditional love and our fear. In the past, I have struggled with explaining where unconditional love comes from without mentioning spirituality. I do not want to overemphasise spirituality because I do not want to limit anyone’s access to the program because of their cultural, religious, spiritual or secular background. I also want to help as many children and young people as possible, and the best way to do that is through mainstream psychology and education, which traditionally steer clear of anything ‘spiritual’.

So the answer is –

Sparky is our ‘Human spirit’, and Shady is our ‘Human fear’.

It’s too obvious in hindsight!

If you have been following my Sparky and Shady journey or are curious about where it is all up to, I am currently teaching at a local primary school in Special Education and am grateful for the real-life learning!

I have also been updating Sparky and Shady on weekends and in the holidays with the improvements I gleamed during my psych degree and revisits to classic self-help books that are saying stuff psychology now agrees with (for instance, “our thoughts create our reality” – this is called the “self-fulfilling prophecy” in psychological terms).

My motivation and passion to get Sparky and Shady out there has not wavered.

Next year, I am going back to Uni to finish my Master of Psychology and complete some research into the effectiveness of the program.

Here are some updates you may be interested in! (see PDF links)

I hope all is going wonderfully for you and your beautiful child or children.

Love Kathy