The health and wellbeing of kids and adolescents is incredibly important.

Covid has disrupted the lives of everyone including our beautiful kids and young people.

There has been a lot of pressure on adolescents to get vaccinated and now the kids vaccine is out, it may happen all over again to our 5 to 11 year-olds.

The decision to vaccinate is a big one that requires a lot of research, thought and maybe a Pit Stop (letting go of fearful emotions and fearful beliefs).

To help you weigh up the arguments and evidence for and against vaccination I have researched and written an academic paper called…

Should We Vaccinate Our Kids? A Risk-Benefit Analysis of Pfizer mRNA Vaccines for Use in Under 18s

I hope it helps you make the right decision for your child or children.

To support our beautiful kids and young people with their return to school (either vaccinated or not) I am running two free Zoom sessions on Friday 28th January from 11am-12noon for primary school aged kids and 2pm – 3pm for high schoolers. My intention is to help our children and adolescents see that Sparky (courageous and respectful) ways of talking to friends, peers and others about Covid and vaccination will result in better outcomes than getting caught up in Shady fear that divides people.

To register just send me an email and I’ll send you the login details in the week beginning 24th January. (Parents are welcome to hang in the background but the focus, content and conversations will be with the kids and young people  – we will talk about the concept of Sparky and Shady and how humans work and then apply it to Covid and vaccination so kids can better understand what is happening to them and others.

I need to state here that I do not believe our under 18s need to be vaccinated for Covid with mRNA vaccines, however if you do – I totally respect your decision as a parent. This agreeing to disagree is important and its what our kids and adolescents can learn from us.

Here’s that paper (a two page summary is first – in case you haven’t got time for 39 pages which follow)! Feel free to share it with everyone!


Love Kathy

PS Let me know if you find anything I could improve!

V3 Summary of Risks and Benefits
V3Should We Vaccinate Our Kids? A Risk-Benefit Analysis of Pfizer mRNA Vaccine for Use in Under 18s