Sir David Attenborough, 16 yr. old Greta Thunberg and 97% of climate scientist are absolutely right!

The earth is almost at tipping point because we are not doing everything we can to look after it.

Why aren’t we looking after it?

I will speak for myself – because I am too busy looking after myself!

I am a human being and I have an inbuilt design fault – unhelpful fear. My unhelpful fear tells me I don’t have enough, while at the same time it tells me I am not enough. My unhelpful fear also tells me I am missing out, while at the same time it tells me I am not worthy of receiving.

I don’t look after the planet as well I could because I am fearful that my life will have to change dramatically if I get serious about making a difference. And by change I mean changes I don’t want. Changes that mean I have less and changes that mean I will miss out. I will have less money, less material stuff and less travel to name a few.

Psychologist’s say we are not doing as much as we can about climate change because we are “wired to ignore it”. Instead, we respond more strongly to threats that are personal, abrupt, and immoral and that affect us right now. Climate change doesn’t fit into any of these categories – yet!

Whether I blame the way my brain is wired or I blame my fear (which may actually be the same thing), I have two options:

  1. I can listen to my helpful fear, which is telling me the planet really isn’t going to last much longer with me living the way I am living. Then I can ask the loving part of me what I can do about this – and the answer is – make some changes. Or…
  2. I can listen to my unhelpful fear, which tells me it isn’t my problem (or maybe that there is no problem) and I should just worry about myself.

I’m choosing option 1.

One of the first things I have done to make a difference is to make Sparky and Shady workshops more affordable. The next thing I’m going to do is find out exactly what happens to our local recycling.

The recycling idea is obviously something that could make a difference, but how can changing the price structure of Sparky and Shady make a difference to the earth?

Sparky and Shady has the potential to make you feel good more of the time. That’s one of the biggest things I notice about my life now, I feel great most of the time, not all the time of course because I am human, but I definitely feel great more than I used to. I guess you could say it has raised my feeling good set point.

If I make workshops more affordable then more people get to feel good (both about themselves and their general mood) more of the time too. This feeling helps us tick our “I am looked after” box, which means we are more likely to look after the earth as well.

For instance, when I feel great I always pick up rubbish when I’m out walking the dog, I always recycle properly, I always take my own bags shopping, I always limit my use of plastic, I always minimise my driving, etc. Here’s a list of some things we can do to save the earth a little bit at a time.

On the other hand when I feel bad (for e.g. disappointed in myself, unappreciated, resentful etc.) I don’t pick up rubbish on the beach or footpath, I don’t take time to wash out a glass jar to recycle it and I don’t care that I’m not composting properly.

Helping people feel good more of the time will potentially help the planet because when people feel good they are more likely to take action to look after the earth.

The other reason I’m making Sparky and Shady workshops more affordable is because there are people out there who are on the earth to directly make a difference to climate change and other world issues. Maybe your 11 year old is going to invent something that will fix the ozone layer? Maybe the kid down the street has a simple idea to get fresh water to every human being on the planet? Maybe you yourself have a brilliant idea to make a difference and you just need the confidence to share it!

The new Sparky and Shady workshops are all set up for January. The main differences are; I’m open to taking more people (including grown ups) and I’m giving everyone the basics with the option of add-ons if they want them.

Here’s what’s on offer

Affordable new workshops from January 2020

Thursday 16th & Friday 17th – Two Day Workshop for Grown Ups

Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st – Two Day Workshop for 6-9 yrs

Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th – Two Day Workshop for 9-12 yrs


One child and one accompanying parent $330

(For ticketing the breakdown is $220 per child and $110 for an accompanying parent.)

Includes two day workshop attendance and free ebook (children must be accompanied by an adult, and adults can bring more than one child).

Additional add-ons

Sparky and Shady for Kids book $30

Sparky and Shady for Big Kids book $30

Online video course for families $330

Individual appointment $120

New Workshops for Grown Ups

One grown up (over 18) $275

Includes two day workshop attendance and one free ebook (no kids in this workshop).

New Family Workshop

If you want the personalised approach you can book a family workshop for $1430

Includes two day workshop attendance, both Sparky and Shady books and the online video course for kids to give you everything you need to follow up.

My Shady is telling me this new set up might be a concern for people who invested in the old workshop package, because although you got all the additional add ons, you didn’t have a choice. If that’s you and your Shady is saying something similar – let me know, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary spot in a future workshop!

Happy feeling good and looking after the Earth!

Love Kathy