Last post I wrote about everything being energy! I mentioned how fearful energy puts us on the low road, loving energy puts on the high road and a mixture of both energies puts us on the middle road. This post I’m going to tie that into, “What you sow you reap”, “As within, so without” and “The Law of Attraction”. You have probably heard of all these sayings, in my opinion they all refer to the same rule of life, which is…T

The energy you have inside you, creates your life. 

If you are full of fearful energy you live life on the low road most of the time. 

If you are full of loving energy you live life on the high road most of the time. 

If you have a mixture of both energies inside you, you live life on the middle road and move between the other roads depending on the specific situation you are in. (For instance, if you love your family and believe your experiences with them are uplifting, you will be on the high road when you are with your family.)

All three roads are frequencies of energy. 

When you are on the high road you experience all things in life that match your frequency – love. That means you interact with loving people, have fantastic things happen to you and feel happy, grateful, blessed, content, fulfilled, peaceful, calm, joyful, excited, and loving. 

When you are on the low road you experience shady things in life, because this frequency matches your energy – fear. That means you interact with shady people, have dodgy things happen to you and feel angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, resentful, envious, and worthless.

Again, the middle road is a mixture where you experience middle of the road things in life because they match your middle of the road energy. You interact with okay people, have okay things happen to you and feel okay until you have a high or a low related to the situation you are in, in which case, the above descriptions apply. Most humans gravitate around the middle road, because we have different thoughts, beliefs, words, actions, feelings and imaginings about different things in our lives. 

I am on a mission to empower kids to create a life they love. To do this, I need to give kids strategies to put more loving energy inside them and to let fearful energy out of them so they can live life on the high road most of the time. This is where I have been living my life for the last few years. It doesn’t mean I am never on the low road – I absolutely am! But when I am on the low road I know it is because I have something to learn, some baggage to let go and a new loving belief to introduce into my life. Every time I am on the low road I take a short cut or a Pit Stop to get off it! Not necessarily straight away, but within 24 hours on average because I really love the high road and I want to get back up there blissing out and loving life!

Let’s talk about the Law of Attraction made famous by Australia’s, Rhonda Byrne and her movie and book, ‘The Secret’ and how Sparky and Shady fits in with these teachings. 

The back story is that Rhonda was depressed after the death of her father and the impending failure of her production company so her daughter gave her a book, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles. This book immediately inspired Rhonda to research everything she could find on The Law of Attraction, (and other names for it) and share it with the world. In a nutshell, Byrne’s secret is…

Your thoughts create your life!  

The book is heavily focused on getting what you want out of life, which includes money, material possessions, relationships, health and happiness. It teaches us to:

  1. Ask for what we want
  2. Believe it is coming
  3. Act and feel as though we already have it so we can receive it! 

The biggest trap in this process as Byrne points out, is focusing on not having what we want, or as Carl Jung phrased it, ‘what you resist persists’. The reason this is the biggest trap is because most people focus on what they don’t want rather than what they do want!  

Another main idea behind The Law of Attraction is that ‘like attracts like’ which means – the thoughts you habitually think attract like thoughts, things, events and people into your life. 

‘Like attracts like’ is absolutely what happens in terms of our energy and the roads we drive on in life! Loving energy attracts loving stuff on the high road and fearful energy attracts fearful stuff on the low road. 

Rhonda says that everything we have and experience in our life is caused by our ‘thoughts’. Our thoughts are definitely important! But I would argue that this is not technically correct because our thoughts are energy that cause other energies to arise in us. For instance, if I have a fearful thought like, “This isn’t going to work out for me” my amygdala immediately releases fearful feelings into my body. If these feelings are not expressed they get stored in my body as fearful energy. If I keep thinking thoughts like this (which is highly likely because I’m on the low road) then these thoughts become fearful beliefs, then fearful words, then fearful actions and during this process I have a lot of fearful imaginings. Me being on the low road is a result of all of this collective fearful energy, not just the energy from my thoughts (although my thoughts were where it all started).

This is important to know because if you want to change your thoughts you have to let go of the fearful energy inside you so you can get back up on the high road where loving thoughts are easy to think. (It is hard to think loving thoughts on the low road!) 

Another issue I have with ‘everything in our life is created by our thoughts’ arises when I reflect on a friend’s 2-year-old daughter dying of cancer or victims of genocide and natural disasters, or even a lottery winner who stated afterwards in an interview, “I never win anything, I can’t believe it!” There is no way these people all consciously thought these things into reality! 

I am open to the possibility however, that these people attracted events to them because of the ‘destiny’ energy inside them. 

My theory is that sometimes horrible or incredible things happen to people, not because we asked, believed and received, but because of ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’. Somehow human beings have horrible and incredible experiences programmed into us that attract events to us that we have never ever consciously thought about. I also theorise that these events ‘happen for a reason’ as in, the event gives us and/or others an opportunity to learn and grow from it. 

For instance, I know damn well that I didn’t consciously think I was going to hit the back of a car on my motorbike when I was 22, however I believe I did attract that accident to me because it was something that had to happen for me to learn what I needed to learn and do what I am here to do. 

Do you think our thoughts create everything in our lives? Do you think there is such a thing as destiny? And if so can we change destiny with our thoughts? 

Many psychologists are interested in The Law of Attraction and open to the idea that our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words and actions affect our lives. In fact, research by Martin Seligman and Carol Dweck prove that what you think absolutely affects your life. The problem with The Law of Attraction in many psychologists’ eyes’ is that it is far too reliant on thoughts being the sole cause of everything. 

But is that a reason to dismiss the Law of Attraction completely? 

What if the energy from our thoughts and resultant beliefs, words, actions, feelings and imaginings cause a high percentage of the results we experience in our life? And what if we can alter our ‘destiny’ by changing our thoughts and learning what we need to learn before an event happens to us? 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of authors who have written and continue to write about the Law of Attraction or whatever they choose to call it. Three of my favourites are Norman Vincent Peale, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, Joseph Murphy, ‘The Power of the Subconscious Mind’ and Florence Scovel Shinn, ‘The Game of Life and How to Play it’. You might like to do your own research to see if anyone says ‘we create our own life’ in a way that makes sense to you. 

What makes sense to me is that human beings have enormous power over our lives – way more than we realise, and that what we think, believe, say, do, feel and imagine about ourselves, other people and life greatly affects our reality. 

It also makes sense to me that what we think, believe, say, do, feel and imagine about our kids, greatly affects our kids and their reality!  

Next post I’ll explain why and how parents’ thoughts, beliefs, words, actions, feelings and imaginings about their kids directly affect their kid’s lives. 

In the meantime, I will be sending past workshop and after school classes parents (who paid the current prices) the Sparky and Shady for Kids Online Video course before I start selling it in January (if that’s you – thanks for being patient – I may have changed a lot of my energy over the last year to get this finished!)

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Happy Chrissy if you celebrate! 

Love Kathy

PS Just a heads up that I won’t be doing workshops in April as our family are going on a holiday!